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GFB DV+ T9380 applications Diverter Valve for VAG GTI MK8


comes with solenoide up to 50psi


Two DV+

options for VW and Audi models!

The T9380 is the latest addition to the DV+ range of diverter valves from GFB (Go Fast Bits). It is specifically designed as a complete replacement for the newer generation of Continental brand OEM diverter valves found in late-model VW and Audi vehicles.

Unlike the earlier generation diverter valves manufactured by Pierburg, the newer Continental valves cannot be disassembled and integrated into a DV+. Therefore, GFB developed the T9380 with a low-profile integrated solenoid as a complete replacement for the Continental diverter valve, enabling a hassle-free installation with no clearance issues.

Both offer the same performance benefits over the factory diverter valve:

  • Sharper throttle response
  • Faster boost recovery after gearshift or brief throttle lift
  • Improved boost holding
  • Unrivalled longevity, backed by our Lifetime Warranty

Where they differ is the ease of installation and the price:

T9380 DV+

  • Supplied as a complete unit with an integrated solenoid
  • Does not require disassembly of the factory diverter valve
  • Can easily be returned to stock
  • Choose this valve if you plan to remove your mods before having your car serviced


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